The Mold & Air Testing Inspection Process

Mold or Not?

The Insight mold inspection a a complete evaluation of a home or businesses where our inspector looks for mold related issues and uses a variety of tools to analyze each location. Some of these the tools used give on the spot answers while others need to be sent to a laboratory for further analysis. All of the information collected allows us to create a comprehensive report where we let you know if there is a problem or not, where the sources are, and what needs to be done to fix everything.

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Any air and/or surface samples collected from the inspection site will be submitted to an independent laboratory for analysis.
The laboratory can then create a report with data from each sample that will include the following.

What, if any types of mold are present in the air and how much of it.
Also for surface samples which are taken when there is a visible growth present.

This is done because not all mold is easily airborne and it will also help confirm the source of air quality problems. Air samples are usually taken from at least 2 separate areas of the home or business in order to see how far a problem has spread if one is present.

In cases where mold levels are elevated, Insight Inspection Services will put together a protocol for you to get conditions back to normal.
These reports can be used as evidence for tenants trying to get landlords to do something about a problem.

Our inspection can help solve disputes and influence building owners to address a problem.
In the event of litigation you can show indisputable evidence and a have a certified mold inspector on your side to testify.